Final Treatments and a CT Scan

Wow – it’s been an unusually long time since I updated this blog, even for me.  Sorry!  I had my last treatment on December 1st.  At the end of December I had a CT scan, which shows that the lymph nodes have not grown or shrunk since my last CT scan.  My doctor says that this is a good thing – it means that probably all that’s left is scar tissue.  I was a little worried because of a low white blood cell count, lower than it was two weeks after my final treatment, but the doctor said that this is normal – it just means that the Neulasta (the white blood cell boosting injection I got every treatment) was leaving my system, and my counts should be normal soon.

So, with that good news, I left for Canada on January 4th, and I am here now.  I’m starting to get settled in, and I’m excited about my new role as assistant pastor.  It’s really, really nice to have a consistent job, rather than odd-jobs here and there.  I’m loving it.

As to this blog, I don’t know how much more I will be updating it.  Hopefully not too often – no news is good news.  I have a final round of tests at the end of March, and that should let us for sure that the treatments have worked – I’ll be sure to post that here.

Thanks again to all of you friends and family of mine – your support was and is awesome.

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